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Assessment & Evaluation


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Each member of Dyslexia Specialists Ireland holds an international qualification to undertake assessment of dyslexia as well as a specialist teaching qualification, to support learners with dyslexia. These learners may range from primary and secondary school pupils to adults, both within and outside of, the education system.

The professional evaluation, undertaken by the Dyslexia Specialist, will enable the evaluator to establish the learner’s reasoning and literacy abilities. The purpose of the evaluation is to identify the individual strengths and difficulties of the learner, and to determine if his/her results are in keeping with that of a dyslexic profile. This evaluation will also inform an appropriate literacy intervention, tailored to support the individual’s learning needs.

In keeping with the guidelines as proposed by the Dyslexia Association of Ireland, it is recommended that children should be at least six years of age, or have completed at least eighteen months of primary education, prior to an evaluation.

As we recognise, due to individual differences, that no two assessments are alike, the time required will be allocated to each person’s evaluation. As a holistic approach is undertaken by the assessor, background information will be requested in relation to the learner’s difficulties and strengths, such as medical and developmental history, family history, and educational factors.


Following the consultation, a written report will be forwarded to the individual, or parents of the individual, who has been assessed. It is anticipated that the report will be delivered within 6 weeks of the assessment.

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